Quality Packaging Services (QPS)

Quality Packaging Services (QPS)

Website - www.qps.net.au

Quality Packaging Services (QPS) was founded in 1956

and has steadily grown to be a major force in the toll manufacturing/packing arena.
QPS packages a multitude of goods which are household names within Australia, handling a diverse range of products for the Australian, and overseas market, encompassing industries including
  • Automotive,
  • Agricultural,
  • Painting and Home and garden 
With a stringent quality control system, accredited by LRQA, QPS handles a wide variety of grease, oil and water based products.

The QPS site in Sunshine is well placed within Melbourne's transport hub.

There is also an operation in Sydney as well. 

Website - www.qps.net.au

Quality Packaging Services site in Sunshine