Product Range

RIG offers a number of related products and services

The categories or groups below highlight some of the products we handle.

House and Kitchen 

Methoclean  (NEW PRODUCT) 
Hand Wash
Dish Washing Liquid 
BBQ Cleaner 
Shower Tile Grout Cleaner 
Liquid Laundry Cleaner 
Mould Rid 
Sugar Soap
Window Glass cleaner 
Whiteboard Cleaner 
Oven Cleaner 
Carpet Cleaner 


Fertiliser General Purpose
( iron /copper/manganese sulphate) 
Seaweed fertiliser 
Strike Weed Killer (NEW PRODUCT)

Hardware / Decorating 

Paint  (Oil and water based) 
Wood Stains (Oil and Water based )  
Sample Pots
Builders Bog (filler 2 part) 
Woodworking Adhesive PVA 
Contact Adhesive (Solvent ) 
Concrete Bonding Agent 

Automotive / Garage 

2 stroke oil ( Mower/trimmers) 
Marine 2 Stoke (boats)
Chain and Barr Oil 
4 Stroke Engine (All grades)
Coolant (Car and Truck) 
Fuel Injector cleaner 
Automatic Transmission Fluid 
Water Based Degreaser
Car / Truck Wash 
Windscreen wash (Sachet/ Bottle) 
Radiator Stop Leak 

Oil Industry

Base Oils / Base Stock

A small subset of our product rangeProduct Test Samples in our Laboratory