Group Companies

RIG, a family of companies, consisting  of the following:


Quality Packaging Services (QPS)

Quality Packaging Services handle a diverse range of liquid, oil and grease products as a contract packer and/or filler in the Automotive, Agricultural, Painting and Home and garden industries, FMCG.


Quality Packaging Services

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Specialises in toll manufacturing and blending different Chemicals, liquids, powders, and pastes. As a contract packer, ManPak can also provide Dangerous Goods processing including toll blending and filling. It has the capacity to manage and process orders of raw materials with a high degree of safety and compliance to regulations



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Quality Logistic Services Australia (QLSA)

QLSA is an Australian owned and operated company who specialise in bulk liquid supply chain management.

QLSA is the authorised distributor of ExxonMobil Basestocks in Australia, one of the world’s largest suppliers of base stocks.

Quality Logistic Services Australia

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Carlton Chemicals (CC)

Specialist in the safe storage and handling of dangerous, flammable and specialty goods,