Rio Industrial Group

Rio Industrial Group


The Rio Industrial Group (RIG) is a family owned and operated Australian Group of Companies providing packaging, manufacturing and bulk logistic services to customers al over the country.

It  was founded in Melbourne Australia in 1987, by Robert Rio, but has roots back to 1956. Since then it has grown into a number of industrial divisions, servicing household brand names within Australia.

The RIG family employs over 150 staff and has facilities in Australia and overseas.

With a turnover exceeding $200 million AUD, RIG is looking forward to further expansion and a bright future.


How we can help you

We have 2 main areas of activity:
For full details please refer to our "What we Do" page.
In nutshell, our businesses concentrate on:

Contract Manufacturing or Toll Manufacturing

This can also be referred to as Contract or Toll Blending of raw materials, Toll or Contract Filling of containers, Contract or toll packaging, or Repacking of products. 

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Bulk Logistics

We are proud to be the authorised distributor of ExxonMobil Basestocks in Australia, one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of base stocks.

This is done through our QLSA company or division, and currently involves multiple oil tankers from Singapore and Malaysia being offloaded at Botany in Sydney and Coode in Melbourne and distribution to our baseoil customers.


To grow our business through continually improving the competency of our staff and organisation
To be the Manufacturing and Logistic arm of our customer
To leave our environment better every year as a result of our actions



Rio Industrial Group - Manufacturing arm for our customers